About Us


San Diego is a wealth of resources for the worldwide Chamorro community, and the Chamorro Optimists Club of San Diego is excited to be able to add to these resources.


The Chamorro Optimist Club of San Diego is a part of Optimist International, a recognized organization around the world.  Association with Optimist International creates an instant network of groups and individuals who support our core mission.

The Chamorro Optimist Club of San Diego will enjoy the support of the Optimist International infrastructure, including,

  • Mentorship and camaraderie of nearly a thousand OI members in our southern California district alone.

  • Access to Optimist International Foundation grants

  • Proven bylaws and policies and procedures

  • Insurance coverage

  • Tax-free 501c4 status from the date of its installation.

  • The Optimist Foundation's 501c3 status to offer tax benefits for contributors.


The Chamorro Optimist Club can partner with other Chamorro groups in the San Diego area and beyond to leverage the resources of Optimists International for our like-minded Chamorro organizations.


The Chamorro Optimist Club can include individuals from all over the country and all over the world and will offer a wide membership and opportunities to contribute to projects and programs to many like-minded supporters. 

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Meeting Location: 

Hall of Nations, Balboa Park

2191 Pan American Road West

San Diego, CA 92101

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 371218

Sand Diego, CA 92137

EIN 47-5549557