Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego
An affiliate of Optimist International
Club Number: 41665  
Chartered: Nov 7, 2015

Pictured left to right: Jim Oliver, Field Representative Optimist International, Janice Bouffiou, Secretary and Gregorio Camacho, President on November 7, 2015.

Our Club

Our club was organized and charted on November 7, 2015.  Our first meeting was organized and held on September 10, 2015 at Holiday Inn Restaurant in San Diego.  Our charter membership consisted of 28 members.  Of those charter members, 27 are still active.  We currently have 46 members.  Since we chartered, 19 new members have been added.  In the first month of the Optimist year, 3 new members were added.  The Downtown Optimist Club and the Lakeside Optimist Club were our sponsors. 


*NOWis the term of immediacy that is an acronym for New Optimist Welcome.  It is a program designed to capture the interest of prospective Club Members.


It is important that every New Member receive the official process of Education, Enrollment, Induction and Involvement in our Programs and Projects.

  • Optimist International NOW Program Handbook

  • Every Optimist Member is a recruiter

  • A good sales pitch gets you good results

Jim Oliver, Field Representative Optimist International, chartering on November 7, 2015.


Gregorio Garrido Camacho

Downtown Optimist Club

Mike Perine

Gov Elect Optimist District 41 2015-16

Albert Wong

President Downtown Optimist Club

Dr. Angela "Angie" Hawkins

CalSo Optimist District 41 Governor 2014-15

Core Leaders

Sandra "Sandy" Flores Uslander

Roseann "Janice" Waller Bouffiou

Marie Franquez Cruz Whitman

Brienda M Diaz

Donna  Rodriguez

Charter Members

0001 Gregorio G. Camacho

0002 Roaseann "Janice" Waller Bouffiou

0003 Shin Taira

0004 David Atalig

0005 Lou Barrett

0006 Prudence Beck

0007 Carol C. Burwell

0008 Dorothy G. Camacho 

0009 Fred Camacho*

0010 Nina Camacho*

0011 Dolores "Loling" A. Cepeda

0012 Janet B. Cepeda

0013 Joseph "Joey" B. Cepeda

0014 Brenda M. Diaz

0015 Dr. Judy Flores

0016 Jeffrey "Carlo" Macaraeg, MD

0017 Jeffrey "Jeff" Macaraeg

0018 Mary A. Perez

0019 Heidi Quenga

0020 Donna M. Rodriguez

0021 Juanito "Jr" T. So

0022 Robert "Bob" A. Uslander, MD

0023 Sandy F. Uslander

0024 Donald Waller 

0025 Federick Waller*

0026 Marie C. Whitman

0027 Amy Yu*

0028 Elena Blu Blum


Board of Directors 2016-17 - Pictured left to right (Dolores Loling Cepeda, Donna Rodrigues (2015-16), Sandy Uslander, Gregorio Camacho, David Atalig, Brienda Diaz, Shin Taira, Janice Waller Bouffiou and JR So.  Not shown is Chad Knap, Jeffrey Macaraeg and Marie Cruz Whitman.

  1. UNO HIT

  2. Childhood Cancer Program

  3. House of Chamorros

  4. Respect for Law

  5. Health and Welfare

Our Signature Programs

Our club is governed by our own bylaws,

which comply with the Bylaws of Optimist International

  • Our Club's Bylaws were approved by Optimist International Membership on March 2016

  • Membership represents a cross-section of men and woman who reside or have interest in our community 

  • Regular membership fee is $35

  • Annual dues for regular members is $100 ($25 Quarterly)

  • Friend of Optimist fee is $100 annually


Because of the wide variety of opportunities in our communities, the club focuses on the following:

  1. UNO HIT


  2. Chamorro History

  3. Childhood Cancer Campaign

  4. House of Chamorro

  5. Chamorro Cuisine

  • Chamorro Dance

  • Chamorro Music

  • Chamorro Language

  • Chamorro Health

Service Activities

To make our club meetings enjoyable and appealing, business is conducted at committee and board meetings; open to all members.  Our regular meetings feature the following: 

  • Fellowship

  • Networking

  • Speakers

  • Programs

  • Volunteer

  • Leadership Opportunities

Our meetings are every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm.  Regular meetings last 1.5 hours.  Business meetings last 1.5 hours. Club meetings are held at:


Hall of Nations, Balboa Park

2191 Pan American Road West

San Diego, CA 92101

Club Meetings